Restructuring and Insolvency Tax

Our Restructuring Tax Services Team are experienced specialists who can help you assess the tax risks and opportunities of a situation.

By actively participating in HMRC liaison groups and also having representation on the R3 Tax Technical committee, our team ensure they are on top of current issues and proposed future changes allowing them to provide relevant and innovative support and solutions.

Our approach

Our team recognises the importance of considering the potential tax implications of a restructure, in both insolvent and solvent settings, to ensure that all potential downfalls from a tax perspective are assessed from the offset, to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.

Our early involvement not only provides each stakeholder with more time to understand the key tax issues, but also helps to maximise the opportunities available and mitigate tax risks where possible.

Our team will work collaboratively with you and your wider advisory team to allow tax to be considered as part of the commercial strategy, provide support and tax structuring advice during your planning phase and ultimately help you implement a commercial solution tax efficiently.

How we can help

Our Restructuring Tax specialists provide a wide range of services which include:

  • Internal reorganisations, including hive-ups, hive-downs, trade transfers and trade consolidation
  • Group reorganisations, including group rationalisation, managed wind downs and dissolutions
  • Balance sheet restructuring, including debt restructuring and re-finance advisory work
  • Pre-sale structuring, including de-mergers, carve-outs and structuring to remove dividend blocks
  • Buying/selling in distress, focussing on tax structuring to obtain benefits and/or reduce tax costs for vendor and purchaser,
  • Insolvency procedures, including the tax-efficient sale of business/assets, planning to mitigate tax costs, support with tax filings and seeking tax refunds

We have the skills and experience to make the process engaging, effective and value-added, with the primary objective being to seek the most commercial and tax-efficient solution for the Company.

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