Exploring common risks in publicly-funded programmes and projects

November 21st 2021. Watch the recording of our recent webinar in which we discuss the main risks that can impact publicly-funded programme and project success.

Publicly-funded programmes and projects come with their own specific risks, in addition to the common risks found in all change initiatives. As they are taxpayer-funded and benefit large proportions of society, it is vital that organisations mitigate any risks that could impact value for money and benefits realisation.

These initiatives suffer from intense scrutiny - from the general public as well as members of Parliament. As senior decision-makers for and/or people with high interest in these programmes and projects, it is important that you are made aware of any potential risks before they can turn into issues and impact upon successful delivery.

Amelia Campbell-Kelly, who has nearly a decade of experience in programme and project management and assurance within the public and social sector, hosted a webinar looking at the common risks that can impact publicly-funded programme and project success. In the webinar Amelia discusses:

  • The key, best practice lifecycle stages for publicly-funded programmes and projects;
  • Some of the specific and commonly occurring risks each programme and project faces;
  • How these risks may have a detrimental impact on overall success, should they materialise; and
  • Areas to explore in each stage of the programme and project lifecycle to reduce the likelihood of these risks materialising.

This will help you to ask the right questions at the right time so that any early warning indicators of issues can be dealt with promptly and decrease the chance of overall failure.

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