Monitoring trustee, remedies and compliance services

Our dedicated Monitoring Trustee team advises on state aid, merger control and antitrust cases globally. Our experts deal with competition authorities and apply competition law and economics drawing on their depth of experience as both regulators and advisers. We have acted as monitoring trustee in 100+ cases involving the implementation of virtually every type of structural and behavioural remedy.

We are a leading provider of Monitoring Trustee, remedies and compliance services, having long-established experience with remedies compliance across the globe.

Our approach

We quickly adapt to the circumstances of each assignment whilst ensuring the provision of a high quality service.

As a fully integrated international partnership we find cross border solutions for multijurisdictional assignments via our global network.  Through seamless coordination across jurisdictions, we provide international scale and local understanding. Our experience is supported by established relationships with best-in-class technical experts where appropriate.

We have been appointed in more than 100 cases in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Middle east and the UK across a range of industry sectors.

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Our services

  • Monitoring trustee in the context of divesture and behavioural remedies in:
  • Remedies and Compliance advisory services
    • Tailored advice to law firms and business clients on to review and advise on remedy design and preparation of remedies packages intended to be proposed to competition authorities to resolve potential competition concerns.
    • Comprehensive support with all aspects of remedies process based on extensive experience of competition policy enforcement.
    • Assessment of potential competition concerns and scoping of potential remedies package.
    • Advice on sufficiency of remedies packages and any improvements required to remove potential competition concerns based upon knowledge of recent precedent.
    • Advocacy and drafting of briefings and relevant forms and documents required to submit remedies and secure approvals.

Our tools and solutions

Our advisers provide pragmatic and tailored solutions for each individual client’s needs to instil trust and confidence to competition authorities that remedies will comprehensively resolve potential competition concerns and be implemented to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Forensic data analysis

Our forensic technology team has cutting edge data analytics tools and algorithms to provide data mining and forensic analysis services in connection with complex transactions.

Support with a technical understanding of IT infrastructure and mechanisms established to monitor hold separate and ringfencing commitments.

Our people

Our dynamic, multidisciplinary, and multilingual team has an unrivalled understanding of competition policy enforcement, remedy design and compliance drawn from work in private practice with regulators and from M&A. The combination of this experience allows us to offer comprehensive guidance and support to our clients throughout the remedies process.

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