Risk and Crisis Management

There are a number of measures a business can take to ensure the continuity of its operations, Mazars will share advice, guidance and practical support from our business experts to help your operational resilience.

Business Continuity Measures 

Articles from the experts in our business

5 Steps of Risk and Management Planning

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, it's clear that challenges facing businesses are going to last longer and have a greater impact than first anticipated.

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Practical tips for survival

We have set out some practical guidance on priority areas to focus upon in your business and stress that taking early independent professional advice could make a significant difference to your prospects for business survival.

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Value preservation through a challenging period

More so than ever before, corporates must ensure that their operations are focused on what is strategically important to the business going forward. Management teams need to concentrate their time and investment on what is core to their businesses to safeguard their operations and key stakeholders through this period.

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Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis

It is important to have a strategic business plan, one that details how your business will remain resilient and manage risk during this turbulent time.

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Protecting Employees - Payroll

Robust continuity strategies are critical. In addition to business operations and sales, your business continuity plans should focus on protecting your employees.

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