Spotlight on social housing 2021

In June 2021, we hosted a webinar series putting the spotlight on the UK social housing sector. We gathered a range of speakers both from within the Mazars team and from those working within the sector, covering a variety of topics from the delivery of ESG targets to cybersecurity, and including a view from the Regulators of both England and Wales.

View the recordings of these webinars below.




Regulator Outlook: England

Maxine Loftus from the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) sets out some of the key issues and risks that the RSH expects Boards to be managing, and areas where Registered Providers (RPs) can expect greater challenge from the Regulator in future. 

Spotlight on: Pensions

Steve Danby from the Mazars audit team and Neal Thompson from First Actuarial discuss the financial reporting and actuarial aspects of pension schemes in the sector, highlighting changes for this year and best practice.

Spotlight on: Cyber security

Francisco Sanches, head of our Cyber Advisory team, discusses the current cyber landscape before giving his key messages on what the sector should be considering regarding cyber security. He explains how housing associations make themselves more vulnerable to cyber attacks and how the sector is most likely to be attacked. 

Spotlight on: Legal update

Vincent Marke, our Head of Social Housing along with Gemma Bell from Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP talk about the four Cs: compliance, customer regulation, codes and controls. Topics include financial reporting requirements of the NHF code, demonstrating compliance, the BEIS Consultation and outcomes of the Consumer Regulation Review. 

Regulator Outlook: Wales

Ian Walters, Head of Regulation Strategy and Policy at the Welsh Government looks at the regulatory outlook in Wales for the next year, covering many interesting topics such as development, decarbonisation, building safety, and WHQS2.

Spotlight on: Tax 

Members of our tax team present the latest changes and updates on direct, indirect and employment tax, including the impacts of changing workplaces in a post-COVID environment and what this means for employers.

Spotlight on: ESG 

In this session, we discuss the importance of ESG and decarbonisation, which is becoming one of the fastest growing aspects of ESG in housing associations. Saul Gouder from Platform Housing discusses his organisation’s journey with ESG. A case study from Cardiff Community Housing Association contextualises and exemplifies good practice with regards to sustainability, environment & decarbonisation of homes.

Spotlight on: Business Improvement

Members of our Consulting and Data Automation teams discuss results of a strategic focus group of housing associations that took place in early 2021. The aim was to create discussions around how to make a difference to society, to understand different perspectives and similar challenges, and to identify solutions to common issues.