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Interested in a career in technology? Our Tech Balance team share stories and advice for working within the technology industry as a female, what attracted our team members to the Technology and Digital (T&D) team at Mazars, and why this could be the right career pathway for you.

What is unique about your career journey as a female in the technology industry?

Laura and Ellen

Laura Losada Vazquez, External Audit IT Manager

"Throughout my career, I have held a variety of roles in audit, supervision, risk management, valuation, internal audit & analytics, central banking supervision, and IT audit/consulting.  During my journey, I became more interested in operational and security risks, as these were key for the industry I was working in at the time (payments providers). After this experience, I decided I wanted to have a career in IT Audit/Consulting due to the changing environment, focus on data, client work and problem-solving, my sceptical mindset, and the international experiences it offered.

As a student, it was not clear to me what I wanted to become.  I always liked to try and learn new things. This feeling led me to live and work across 4 different countries, experience different roles, and (try to) learn different languages. Now I see that even though I had very varied experiences, all of them tie together and have aspects that help me in my career in technology, fraud, and business improvement."

Ellen Peters, Data Analytics Manager

"I think a woman's professional path in technology is never linear and I would recommend reaching for all the opportunities and challenges that life gives. Initially, my interest in data analytics was formed in a bank's capital markets where presentations of big data findings helped to attract long-term investments. This later transformed into decision analytics in financial management and predictions for the bank's strategic development. Now, at Mazars, I help our clients across a wide variety of sectors to reach their targets by getting maximum value from our advanced automated solutions."

What top 3 skills do you believe are most important for a successful career in the technology industry?

Ann Lee

Ann Lee, Privacy and Data Protection Senior Consultant

"Forward-thinking, resilience, and flexibility. These skills are important to drive a successful career because technology is constantly evolving and disrupting the industry. One has to have a resilient and flexible mindset. Nothing stays at the same place and change is inevitable. Forward-thinking would help differentiate one’s skills from another and adapt to disruptions brought about by new technologies."

What attracted you to the Mazars Technology and Digital team?

Laura LV

Laura Losada Vazquez, External Audit IT Manager

"It was the flexibility of Mazars. I was onboarded moving across countries, and so it was great I could join 6 months later after accepting my offer. Additionally, our T&D team is very diverse with people from different backgrounds, places and who speak different languages but also with team members who have totally different work experiences. Currently, in the T&D team, there are more than 60 people from more than 8 different countries working in multiple locations in the UK."

How do you keep your technical skills current?


Lucía Testillano, T&D Manager

"I am a member of ISACA which keeps me updated with the latest in the information security and technology industry through their journals, events, or webinars.

Additionally, I keep up-to-date via several newsletters from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) organisation and the British Standards Institution (BSI) group, as well as LinkedIn."

What is your tech specialism and what does this involve in the context of your role at Mazars?

Ayesha Aziz

Ayesha Aziz, Assistant Manager Data Analyst

"My specialism is in Data, Automation & Analytics. At Mazars, I work on a variety of client engagements across multiple industries in addition to working on cross-service line joint projects. I have had the opportunity of working on the development of an AI analytics tool for continuous monitoring and auditing called Curious. Other solution-based projects include but are not limited to VAT analytics, claims audit automation and data governance reviews, all of which have played a significant part in shaping my career at Mazars."

What do you like best about being in the Mazars T&D team?

Laura Maddon

Laura Madon, Technology and Digital Consultant

"I love being a part of the Mazars T&D team, everyone in the team is so welcoming and helpful. The supportive team culture has helped me take my first steps into the technology industry, and the senior leadership sponsorship for our Tech Balance initiative to bring more diversity into the Mazars T&D team and the industry as a whole has been crucial to our success."

What trends are you excited to see develop in the tech world in 2022 and why?


Lucía Testillano, T&D Manager

"I am really excited to see what would contain the new ISO/IEC 27001 standard. Currently, the ISO is changing its code of practice for information security controls and new changes are about to be released soon. I am expecting that this new approach will take into consideration the latest changes in the information security, cyber security, and privacy protection areas and with enough clarity and guidance for each type of company."

What is your top piece of advice to a woman considering a career in the technology industry?

Ellen Peters

Ellen Peters, Data Analytics Manager

"If you are considering a career in Tech, think big and be yourself. Mazars provides a culture where you can thrive and where your voice will be heard. From my first day, I believed I could make a difference within the tech team at Mazars, we are analytical, forward thinkers with a genuine interest to deliver the best for our clients' needs."

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