Covid-19 Leadership Hub

We want to help reduce the impact of this pandemic on you and your business. That is why we’ve created a Covid-19 Hub, offering reliable and practical information and advice to support you through these difficult times.

Emergency response and crisis management

As a business leader, it’s likely that you are facing a set of unique challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. And unless you are one of the lucky few, right now, the future may seem uncertain. 

We advise over 10,000 privately owned businesses across the UK, and believe that, whatever the ‘new normal’ post-pandemic, it is important that, for the health of the economy, they are protected and thrive, leading to regional, national and international growth, across sectors including hospitality and leisure, retail and technology.

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Navigating the three phases of the Covid-19 crisis

We have identified three critical phases we believe you will have to navigate during and after the pandemic. Each has its own unique challenges in relation to various important aspects of your business, including; cash flow, operations, people, processes, and production.

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Adapting your business in lockdown

Recently we hosted a series of live panel discussions designed to help support you and your business through this current crisis to a life post lockdown. Topics included; team and operations, people and reward, and your personal finances.

View these recordings here.

Report: Covid-19 and government support for SMEs

We co-led a recent survey where we asked partners and other senior staff from leading UK accounting firms about their thoughts on the effectiveness of Government support for SMEs, with many calling for significant changes in approach.

Read more here.

Business support and advice to help you through

We’re here for you and we’re working hard to keep you informed on everything you need to know on business funding, CJRS, outsourced services and more. 

If you would like to like to get in touch about any issues impacting you at this time.

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