Partnering for Ukraine’s reconstruction

For over a year, Ukraine has been victim to a devastating war which continues to result in a humanitarian, economic and environmental crisis.

The impacts – human and economic – have been profound, and on a global scale. But the Ukrainian government and people continue to demonstrate perseverance, restraint, national togetherness and dedication to recovery and reconstruction. Our report, authored by our Managing Partner in Ukraine for an international audience, brings clarity to this complex and multi-faceted topic:

1. A summary, supported by clear data, of the impact of the war on global markets and Ukraine’s current economic situation.

2. The key disruptions reshaping Ukraine’s key social, infrastructure and productive sectors, and opportunities emerging from the reconstruction.

3. An optimistic future: Ukraine’s continued path to reforming the country and its untapped potential

Our commitment to Ukraine

Mazars has, and will continue, to provide extensive support to its team in Ukraine and act as a partner in delivering the country’s resilience and reconstruction. Firmly rooted in its values, Mazars places a emphasis on the well-being and development of its own employees in Ukraine and supports them in the challenges they face. With its unwavering commitment to integrity and professionalism, Mazars consistently strives to contribute to Ukraine’s growth by providing reliable financial services, fostering transparent business practices, and offering strategic guidance to organisations navigating the complex landscape. By combining its global expertise with a deep understanding of Ukraine’s unique challenges, Mazars demonstrates its unwavering dedication to supporting Ukraine’s long-term success and serving as a reliable ally in the country’s ongoing reconstruction journey.

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Partnering for Ukraine's Reconstruction