Changing times and changing trends

24 November 2021. Webinar recordings from the changing times and changing trends series.


November 2021 - How to deal with rising business costs post-Autumn Budget

The third webinar in the series.  During this session we discussed:

  • How organisations can manage rising costs following recent Budget announcements and CJRS coming to an end? 
  • How organisations can adapt and revise 'reward strategies' to help mitigate costs and enhance recruitment and retention? 
  • What organisations should be doing in relation to CJRS, NMW, and Employment Tax compliance? 
  • What organisations should be doing in relation to their workforce and building new efficiencies? 


June 2021 - Reward, Employee Engagement and Risk Governance

Our second webinar in the series delved further into the changing tax, reward, and immigration trends in order to help organisations stay resilient, manage costs, navigate tax risk and enhance reward strategies.

We were joined by Senior Associate Solicitor, Padma Tadi from Irwin Mitchell who examined employment law considerations for flexible working, benefit changes, and aligning with sustainable objectives and immigration implications if flexibly working abroad.


May 2021 - How can your business enhance employee engagement and navigate tax risk in 2021/22?

The first webinar in this series looked at how businesses can adapt to changes in society and the economy, how they can remain resilient, and also how they can grow and transform. As part of this, managing risk, reward, and engagement are all vital.


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