EU Exit - What the deal means for your business

12th January 2021. Following the announcement of a post-Brexit trade deal, we held a webinar to discuss the practical steps that businesses should be taking to maximise the opportunities presented by the deal.

Our expert panel of speakers discussed what the deal means, what is still unknown and the next steps businesses should take, focusing on:

  • Business continuity - Summary of the impacts we are seeing on business continuity and supply chains
  • Immigration - Summary of the changes to immigration in respect of the end of freedom of movement commencing 1 January 2021
  • Importing and exporting - New rules for importing and exporting from the UK including how the loss of EU simplifications will affect UK and non-UK businesses 
  • Social security coordination - Summary of the changes to social security coverage for EU-UK cross border workers in respect new working arrangements commencing 1 January 2021
  • Data - GDPR considerations post EU Exit

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