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We are passionate about diversity and inclusion in all areas and focused on challenging biases. ‘Tech Balance’ is a team at the firm formed to raise awareness, empower and support women in tech, and make a difference to the gender balance across our own business and the industry as a whole.

Diversity in Technology

The lack of gender diversity in technology and STEM careers is evident and something that will not change overnight. In the latest report from The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), it was revealed that only 36% of those in the tech workforce are women (this is up from 31% in 2020). Whilst it is great to see this change, there is still a lot more to be done.

To move forward and progress change further, our Tech Balance team is working on various initiatives to create a diverse workforce with more balanced representation at every level.

From attending careers fairs, sharing lived experiences and profiling role models to partnerships and career development support, these are just some of key changes our team are making at the firm.

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Our team’s backgrounds and experiences are truly diverse, providing support across all Technology and Digital Consulting services. 

Ann Lee

Ann Lee, Privacy and Data Protection Senior Consultant

"Forward-thinking, resilience, and flexibility. These skills are important to drive a successful career because technology is constantly evolving and disrupting the industry. One has to have a resilient and flexible mindset. Nothing stays at the same place and change is inevitable. Forward-thinking would help differentiate one’s skills from another and adapt to disruptions brought about by new technologies."

Ellen Peters

Ellen Peters, Data Analytics Manager

"If you are considering a career in Tech, think big and be yourself. Our firm provides a culture where you can thrive and where your voice will be heard. From my first day, I believed I could make a difference within the tech team at the firm, we are analytical, forward thinkers with a genuine interest to deliver the best for our clients' needs."

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