How can you expand your business internationally?

Are you looking at expanding your UK headquartered business internationally? There are many factors to consider when expanding into new markets, including market research, financing, and logistics. But with careful planning and execution, expansion can be a lucrative opportunity for mid-sized businesses.

Here are some tips on how to successfully expand your business internationally.

Do your research - know the customs and regulations of the country you're expanding to

One of the most important steps for any business expanding overseas is to thoroughly research customs and regulations for the target country. Being aware of tax legislation and other applicable regulatory requirements can be a time-consuming but necessary task, however, it is an essential step in successfully launching operations. For example some international jurisdictions, depending on your sector, can be more favourable than others for UK businesses. Without adequate research on the laws and regulations, you may face costly financial risks or legal problems due to non-compliance.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the relevant overseas business structure as well as the implications of your taxable presence in a foreign country, some key questions to consider are:

  1. Do Double Taxation Treaties (DTTs) exist in the markets you are looking at?
  2. What are the rules relating to Withholding taxes/other local taxes?
  3. Transfer Pricing rules – how do they operate overseas?
  4. Is VAT registration, or a local equivalent, required in the country you are looking at?
  5. How will profits be repatriated to the UK and UK shareholders?
  6. How might existing assets be transferred overseas without triggering any undesirable UK tax charges?

Make a plan - set up a budget and timeline for your expansion

To ensure the successful expansion of your business, taking the time to properly plan for it is essential. First, create a financial plan that considers your current financial information and outlines how much money you need and where it will come from to achieve the desired growth. Also, there should be an established timeline with clear milestones that help track progress made against each step in the strategic plan. Making a plan gives you a tangible framework to measure success against; while financial resources can be difficult to secure, having a roadmap will increase your chances of achieving any external funding required to finance expansion.

Find a partner - working with someone who knows the market will be invaluable

Finding a partner that is knowledgeable and experienced in your target market is an invaluable asset . Collaborating with someone who has experience in understanding customer needs and trends, can give your business extra insight to succeed in the target market. While working with a partner allows you to gain advice and share resources, it also helps manage stress levels by reducing the responsibilities on a single person. By dividing up roles according to strengths, both partners benefit by delegating tasks to their respective areas of expertise.

Get help from experts - consult with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals who can assist you in making your expansion successful

Planning any kind of growth or expansion can be quite tumultuous without the right sort of guidance. That’s why it is important to use the expertise of professionals such as lawyers and accountants who are well-versed in the specific regulations and procedures that may apply to your particular venture. Utilizing their services will not only allow you to have peace of mind, but will also ensure that your expansion is successful with minimal headaches. With the wealth of knowledge on hand, these experts are invaluable in helping anyone looking for an expansion turn their idea into reality with confidence.

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Expanding your business to another country can be a daunting task, but with the proper preparation it can also be a hugely rewarding experience. By doing your research, making a plan, finding the right partner, and getting help from experts, you can set your business up for success in its new market. If you have any questions about expanding your business overseas contact us via the button below.

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