EU Exit – time to take action

Following the agreement of the post-Brexit trade deal, businesses should act to avoid interruption to operations and understand the opportunities presented.

How we can help 

Our team of specialists are on hand to assist with queries across all aspects of your EU Exit process. We have appointments available where we will walk you through the steps you will need to take, over the next few weeks, months and beyond. 

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Brexit Radar

Mazars’ Brexit Radar provides businesses in all jurisdictions with access to current information about operating in the UK and Europe. The tool is designed to support businesses that do not have large internal tax functions and are having to manage Brexit developments on a daily business.

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EU Exit Support

We also have a number of articles that can be accessed below, including our latest commentary on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

What to consider now

To find out if your business is ready, you can access the Brexit Checker here.

EU Exit webinars

Importing and exporting

We also recently held a webinar where we took a closer look at the impact of the agreement on business continuity, supply chains and the new rules for importing and exporting. 

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Immigration and social security

We held a webinar on Wednesday 17 February where we discussed the immigration and social security coordination considerations following the EU Exit deal agreement. Our panelists included speakers from Mazars UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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What the deal means for your business

Following the announcement of a post-Brexit trade deal, we held a webinar to discuss the practical steps that businesses should be taking to maximise the opportunities presented by the deal.

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