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Outsourcing your payroll to our award-winning team offers you peace of mind, knowing that your employees are paid on time, every time, in a compliant and efficient manner.

Our payroll experts are all UK-based and work with your business, as part of your team, managing each employee's payroll accurately and securely.  

It is easy to set up, scalable, and managed by CIPP- qualified experts. We pride ourselves on five-star customer service and having the flexibility to operate your requirements on our cloud-based system.

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Saving you Time and Money

Because we specialise in payroll provision, we have invested in cutting-edge payroll technology, CIPP training for our workforce, and disaster recovery: all of which are necessary to ensure we comply 100% with the UK and international payroll legislation.   

In doing so, we save you time and resources.  As legislation changes, we accept full responsibility for updating our systems, implementing all changes, and communicating this to you.  Our technology is accessed via our secure online platform. Your employees will view their payslips and P60s in their own private dashboard, while you will access the overall payroll data complete with downloadable reports.  

We are also Medical and Education payroll compliance specialists with a proven track record in these sectors.

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PAYE registration



Auto-enrolment registration and Declarations of Compliance 

Pension administration

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 

Payrolling benefits

Payroll advisory

Disaster recovery review and reporting on in-house payrolls

Fully managed payroll & pension services

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Alnylam has been a client of Mazars Payroll Services for a number of years, and we use their services across Europe.

They have been proactive in providing assistance and looking for bespoke solutions that help us to maintain a standard process across multiple countries; utilising a cloud-based portal to transfer data and monitor the status of the payroll through their workflow system.

The payroll process has been accurate and timely, enabling us to continue to grow while ensuring that our staff are paid correctly and on time.

Kathy Mathijssen Alnylam