We provide valuations of businesses, shares and intangible assets across the full spectrum of engagement types, including, but not limited to transactional valuations, financial reporting valuations, valuations for tax purposes and contentious valuations.

Valuation is an inherently subjective area, which requires specialist skills and experience. We are often called in when a valuation dispute arises or when an acquisition fails to deliver the expected value and there is risk of impairment. When paying the right price or agreeing a fair value between parties really matters to your business, would you rather wait until there is a problem or get it right first time?

Our clients include large corporates, legal professionals, financial institutions and individuals. Our professionals perform valuations of public and closely-held business entities, intellectual property and other intangible assets, ordinary and preference shares, partnership interests, debt, stock options, warrants, and other derivative financial instruments.

Our approach

  • We provide expert opinions on a wide range of valuation scenarios
  • We understand the complex factors affecting the value of a business and perform in depth analysis of these factors as part of the valuation process
  • We recognise that all our clients are different, therefore for each assignment we assess the key value drivers, the context for the valuation and any alternative valuation methodologies
  • Our service is objective and independent

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