Local Government

We are registered by the ICAEW to provide local public audit in England and are currently appointed as the external auditor of metropolitan, unitary, district councils and combined authorities in the North of England.

External audit

Our highly experienced external auditors are supported by a strong technical team which includes local government specialists, well versed in accounting and financial reporting. We use this expertise to support our clients with technical workshops and briefings, as well as contributing to professional developments across the sector.

We understand the special features of local government audit including its focus on the economic, efficient and effective use of resources and its role in providing assurance to elected members and local taxpayers. We believe that our approach delivers the required assurance efficiently as well as offering valuable insight to members and officers.

We are also one of the firms appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd to carry out the audit of local councils (parish and town councils) and other small bodies in England.

Contact: Cameron Waddell

Internal audit, computer audit, contract audit and anti-fraud and corruption

We are among the top 4 firms providing internal audit, computer and contract audit and anti-fraud and corruption services to local government. With pressure on financial budgets increasing our highly experienced dedicated internal audit team have the skills, methodologies and technological capabilities needed to deliver a service which is efficient, effective and truly adding value to our clients.

Contact: Graeme Clarke

Grants assurance

We have a wide range of staff at all levels who can assist in all areas of management assurance including project assurance and grant assurance work (pre-assurance and grant certification services). We have particular expertise in respect of EU funding and compliance with EU rules and regulations.

Contact: Peter Cudlip

Local government advisory

Capital funding for local government is under severe pressure but remains vital to the growth of the economy and the quality of local service provision. It has never been more important to understand the full range of options for financing key projects.

We are uniquely placed to not only develop appropriate project strategies, but also to help access cutting edge funding solutions which are essential to deliver the level of savings required. We bring an understanding of local government finance, along with private sector expertise to drive value for our clients. We can help you finance and deliver a wide range of both infrastructure and service projects.

Contact: Bob Green

Fees and charges

We have compared the fees and charges applied by individual councils with their choice of comparator councils, and identified opportunities to increase income, as well as reviewed their charging policies for consistency with wider objectives, such as inclusion and equality of access.

Contact: Gavin Barker

New models of service delivery

The way local government delivers public services is changing rapidly and we have the skills and experience to advise organisations on establishing mutuals, community interest companies and in partnership with other public and private sector bodies.

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