Governance Council

The Governance Council is elected from amongst the Partners by the Partners.

No member of the Executive is eligible for election to the Governance Council. 

The responsibilities of the Governance Council are as follows and it reports to the Partners at least annually on these matters:

(a) approve the process for the appointment of new partners;

(b) approve the process for the determination of partner remuneration;

(c) have power to require the Executive to report on its strategy and budget and on the implementation of its strategy and the financial status and performance of the LLP;

(d) review the annual budgeting process and report to the Partners in the event that they consider the process deficient;

(e) review the process for setting the firm’s strategy and management structure and report to the Partners in the event that the Executive has not presented its strategy and management structure to the Partners within eight months of the election of the Executive or not provided annual updates or that they consider the process for setting the firm’s strategy deficient; 

(f) ensure that the Executive has appropriate management structures in place;

(g) ensure that the Executive has identified and is managing the major risks to the Partners;

(h) appoint the members of the Audit Committee;

(i) approve or decline to approve various defined matters including proposals for the merger, disposal, acquisition or reconstruction of the LLP and its associated companies;

(j) have power to require the National Senior Partner or any member of the Executive to report to it or to the Partners on any matter;

(k) have power to call a meeting of the Partners, which shall be convened by the Executive;

(l) investigate, consider and determine a matter where there is a dispute between a Partner or a former Partner and the LLP or the Executive, except where the Governance Council has already expressed an opinion in relation to that matter;

(m) where any matter is decided specifically by the Executive in relation to an individual Partner or former Partner, have power of its own volition or on application by that individual Partner or former Partner to review the decision and to make proposals to the Executive, or the Partners or former Partner for amendment of the decision;

(n) settle any disagreement about amounts due to a former Partner;

(o) ensure that their activities are aligned with those of Group Governance Council;

(p) with the Executive discharge the responsibilities of the Partners in relation to the maintenance of proper accounting records and the preparation of Accounts;

(q) with the Executive keep the Members’ Agreement up to date and fit for purpose.