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As your business expands the demands on your in-house finance team and finance system will increase, with more complex requirements to ensure you get the right management information to base your strategic decisions.
Many businesses are choosing to fully or partially outsource their finance function to not only save costs but to allow them to have access to outside expertise, new technologies to increase efficiency, allow flexibility and scalability and manage risks whilst also giving the leadership team time back to focus on strategic goals.

Our Approach

We are experts in the running of accounting systems and finance teams. We provide BPO (business process outsourcing) solutions to hundreds of businesses, many with simple and many with complex requirements.

To establish a first class outsourcing solution, you first need access to high-quality people, great processes, and the best technologies. As far as technology is concerned, we can use either your own cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) system or we can look to provide our NetSuite 'Plug & Play' market-leading alternative together with our BPO solution.

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NetSuite offers larger companies the benefits available from a robust out-of-the-box accounting system and can lead to:

  • Reduction of operational risk through seamless systems enhancement and more comprehensive reporting. 
  • Integration of business processes via a single system.
  • With a better line of sight, companies can better plan and allocate resources.
  • Without ERP, companies tend to operate in silos, with each department using its own disconnected system
  • Great solutions for international businesses, whether it be with FX accounting or with consolidated reporting.

Finance and accounting outsourcing has grown almost 60% in the last 2 years and can be a great option for growing and dynamic businesses.

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