IPO Preparation

We regularly advise fast-growing UK and international businesses seeking funding for growth or acquisition.

In addition to a range of other funding options many will see capital markets as a primary source of funding or may want to consider the pros and cons of this path compared against other funding sources.

At Mazars we can assist in all aspects of the Initial Public Offering (IPO), from presenting a funding case, assessing the readiness of your business for IPO or carrying out financial due diligence and providing the ‘public’ opinions required by the admission process as Reporting Accountant.

Whether you see the IPO process as a means of raising funding, need assistance in preparation for IPO or simply require the services of a Reporting Accountant we have a range of expertise to meet your needs.

Planning your IPO

As a fast-growth private company looking to fund growth, the capital markets can be an attractive route to raising capital or facilitating acquisitions. Floating a company on a public market can support a number of strategic objectives such as:

  • Raising funds;
  • Increasing profile;
  • Providing an exit strategy for shareholders;
  • Providing incentive structures for employees through enabling wider shareholding;
  • Facilitating acquisitions through issuing equity rather than for cash; and
  • Providing liquidity and market value in your shares.

Whilst the benefits of being on a public market are significant for the right business, that business will need to be sufficiently robust to meet the challenges.

We work with businesses to ensure they begin the IPO readiness process well in advance to allow time for the company to function like a public company so that the business can fully appreciate the benefits through having the key building blocks in place such as:

  • A strong management team with the right mix of capabilities and experience;
  • Business systems, operations, reporting and corporate governance meeting market expectations;
  • Clear direction and strategy to deliver growth and returns to investors;
  • Sufficient resources to build a management team, a robust financial and business infrastructure, and a corporate governance and investor relations strategy that supports a quality investor base; and
  • Specialist advisers to help deliver initiatives and provide advice throughout the pre IPO process and beyond.

Our nationwide capital markets expertise enables us to support your business with its flotation, acquisitions and fundraising. We also advise existing public companies on acquisitions, reverse acquisitions, secondary fundraising, disposals and other public company transactions. Our integrated Deal Advisory approach means that we can proactively support your acquisition strategy through identifying acquisition targets:

  • We market your business internationally through CFXB, our international M&A platform;
  • We manage buyer interest and screen for the most appropriate buyer;
  • Negotiate the best deal – our focus is not only on the headline price but on the detailed terms and conditions that determine your outcome;
  • Project manage the transaction process on your behalf;
  • Provide you with partner-led advice from start to finish; and
  • Liaise with your lawyers and the other parties involved in the transaction to achieve timely completion.

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