2+2=5: Getting to grips with accounting and valuations

Looking to improve your knowledge and understanding of the accounting side of the law?

You are invited to join us for our online series of interactive sessions in respect of the accounting side of the law for solicitors and barristers.

This series of five seminars will improve and build your knowledge in respect of commonly used accounting terms, as well as the more complex areas of accounting which often become the battle ground in litigious disputes.

Revolving around case studies, the sessions focus on helping you spot the problem areas from an accounting and valuation perspective.

As part of the series, you will be hearing from some of Mazars’ leading professionals who have significant experience of acting in both an expert witness and an advisory role.

Mazars Forensics and Valuations team in conjunction with the Dispute Resolution Committee of the Birmingham Law Society are delighted to host the events aimed at newly-qualified and experienced lawyers.

Based on your knowledge, feel free to attend one, two or event all five of our sessions. A separate link will be sent for each session.

Sessions aimed at individuals with limited accounting knowledge


Thursday 24 September at 12pm

Session 1: Introduction to accounting

The basic accounting concepts and terms which are frequently used in the dispute process.

This session is aimed at individuals with no accountancy knowledge and is ideally attended alongside session 2 to assist in your knowledge of the basic components of a set of financial statements.

Thursday 8 October at 12pm


Session 2: Introduction to financial statements

This provided an overview of the components of financial statements including an explanation of the audit report and the legislative requirements of company records.

Following the session, you will be able to understand commonly used accounting terms and pinpoint key areas of the financial statements which would require further challenge during any dispute process.

Thursday 22 October at 12pm


Session 3: Introduction to business valuation

This provided an explanation of commonly used valuation methods including common shortfalls and subjective areas. We will also discuss the ability to sell a business and the appropriate expropriation of value.

Following the session, you will now be able to explain the difference between net book value and net realisable value, how to calculate a discounted cash flow and identify the key areas of judgement in valuations. You will also understand the importance of liquid assets in extracting value from a company.


Sessions aimed at individuals with more accounting knowledge

Thursday 5 November at 12pm


Session 4: Advanced accountancy information

This session will expand on the knowledge learnt in Session 2 to further your understanding of subjective areas of the financial statements. This will include a discussion on income recognition policies and how to value a work in progress and intangible assets.

We will also be discussing what is meant by true and fair in accountancy terms which can be a common area of dispute for warranty claims. The session will conclude with a discussion on security for costs.

Thursday 19 November at 12pm


Session 5: Fraud and professional negligence, presented in conjunction with Andrew Charman of St Philips Chambers.

During the final session, we discussed the duties of accountants and auditors, and the role of accountants in identifying fraud. We also considered the process regarding fraud investigations and the use of forensic technology.