Corporate governance and reporting forum

26 November 2020

Year-end update webinars

November 2020

These webinars looked at recent and expected developments and provided insight into the latest findings of the FRC’s annual review of corporate reporting. These updates took place over two sessions – the first provided a board-level review of the issues, followed by a more technical, workshop-based discussion for those responsible for reporting within the business.

Read our top tips for narrative reporting during Covid-19 for listed and AIM companies summary or watch the full recordings below.

Webinar recordings


This session covered


Year-end technical overview

  • A financial reporting update, covering the latest reviews from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), including their Annual Review of Corporate Reporting 2020, and the reporting impact of EU exit and Covid-19
  • An IFRS update, covering the latest standards, amendments and interpretations effecting 2020 year-ends and beyond
  • An update on the forthcoming proposed changes to IFRS reporting and the International Accounting Standards Board’s (IASB’s) work plan

Year-end overview

  • Potential governance and audit changes to boards and audit committees arising from Kingman, CMA and Brydon
  • Possible internal financial reporting controls attestation (UK Sarbox)
  • Have you a connected board to cope successfully with Covid-19?
  • Going concern
  • Reporting on performance during Covid-19
  • S172 statements – the first year of practice and impact of Covid-19
  • Financial reporting and IFRS update, including the latest reviews from the Financial Reporting Council and the reporting impact of EU exit and Covid-19.