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As a Consultant you may be running a private practice alongside a salaried role and as such we are here to take the administrative and financial pain away by offering proactive tax advice and business support.

Consultant Tax Advice & Business Support

We act for over 2600 GPs and Consultants across the UK supporting them with the complex regulations, challenges and issues that arise in relation to accounting and tax.   


Whether you are starting out in private practice or are an experienced consultant in need of specialist advice, we can help you manage your financial affairs effectively. 


We advise on business structures to reflect the changing nature of the profession. As the taxation regulations become ever more complex, getting it wrong can prove a costly business. 


The Mazars team will prepare your accounts and tax returns, ensuring that you are complying with regulations and filing on time. We advise on claiming expenses correctly and make sure you are paying the right amount of tax and can often suggest ways to minimise your liabilities and improve cashflow. 

As many consultants operate private practices alongside a role as a salaried doctor, any advice must take account of your circumstances. 


Our specialists have many years of experience advising consultants and doctors on the complex area of NHS pensions. We will review your annual and lifetime allowance, look at strategies for minimising exposure to tax issues and keep you abreast of the constantly changing pension rules. 

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