Webinar - Hydrogen projects - developing your investment case

Watch our joint webinar with CMS to learn more about hydrogen. We discuss hydrogen project modelling, the rapidly evolving regulatory aspects supporting the hydrogen economy, and building an effective investment case critical to business decisions.

The future of energy production around the globe is transforming. Hydrogen shows growing potential in the transition to a low-carbon economy and global decarbonisation.

To unlock hydrogen’s potential, it is essential to understand how to develop and execute successful hydrogen projects. In this webinar, we discussed how to use project modelling to commence a hydrogen project and assess the prospective investment options. Focus was also given to the rapidly evolving regulatory aspects needed to support the growth of the hydrogen economy and individual hydrogen projects. In addition, we looked at how to develop your investment case, ensuring a balanced evaluation of economic and social benefits, risks and opportunities.


Olga Bezhentseva - Director, Management Consulting

John Yeldham - Director, Technical lead - Financial Modelling

Dalia Majumder-Russell - Partner, Energy & Climate Change, CMS


Bob Green - Partner - Head of Global Infrastructure Finance

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