Streamlined energy and carbon reporting (SECR)

The UK government has made it mandatory for large unquoted businesses incorporated in the UK to report on their energy use and carbon emissions. ​


Which businesses are affected by the SECR Requirements? ​

  • Quoted companies for example FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE Small-cap, and FTSE Fledgling companies, of any size. ​
  • Large unquoted companies; including AIM-listed companies and private companies. ​
  • Large LLPs. Companies and LLPs are defined as large where they exceed two or more of the following thresholds in the last two preceding financial years: ​
  • Annual turnover > £36 million. ​
  • Balance sheet total > £18 million. ​
  • Number of employees > 250​

How we can help ​

We can support you with your energy use and emissions reporting depending on your needs. We understand the complexities of the requirements whilst considering your wider business functions. ​

Specifically, we can help you with: 

  • Scoping – Understanding which entities and parts of your business fall within the requirements, including whether any exemptions are able to be applied. ​
  • Collection and measuring data – Establishing the appropriate systems to collect and measure data, ranging from simplified approaches to building and developing management information systems linked to reporting systems. ​
  • Calculation of carbon emissions – In accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocol – Corporate Standard and HM Government emission factors for greenhouse gas company reporting. ​
  • Reporting – Drafting the energy use and emissions information for disclosure within your annual report. ​
  • Benchmarking – Provide you with assurance that your energy use and emission information is appropriate for your business, comparing your information to benchmarked companies and best practices.​


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Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting
Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting