Our experts have extensive experience of acting as party appointed, single joint expert or advisor in a host of litigation, English and International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures.

Partners and directors within our Forensic and Investigation Services team and other specialists within the Firm act as party appointed, single joint expert or expert advisor in a host of English and international arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures.

We provide authoritative, impartial advice in areas that include:

  • loss of profits
  • contractual disputes
  • transaction disputes
  • financial reporting disputes
  • valuations
  • professional negligence
  • English and international arbitration
  • insurance claims
  • shareholder and partnership disputes
  • matrimonial issues
  • personal injury, medical negligence, and fatal accident claims

We understand the dispute resolution arena and our role as experts and have a wealth of experience presenting our findings as a written report or statement, and, when required, in the witness box.

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