UK Budget announcement 2021

Join us on Friday 5 March at 10am for a webinar where we will be giving commentary and analysis in response to the announcements made at the UK Budget 2021.

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is due to present the UK Budget to Parliament on Wednesday 3 March 2021, navigating through economic uncertainty, the ongoing pandemic, tax changes and recovery.

The vaccination rollout may be picking up the pace, but community dispersion has led to new lockdowns across the world, potentially postponing the economic recovery even further. The convergence of Covid-19 and post-EU Exit disruptions are increasing the bills and putting further pressures on Government expenditure, just before the economy enters the final stretch towards exiting the pandemic. Meanwhile, the UK’s trading partners are still lagging in terms of vaccinations which is likely to slow their pace of recovery.

What does this mean for the UK in 2021? Will we see an immediate ‘bounce-back’ as the economy opens up followed by a slight dip as we wait for our trading partners to catch up? What does this mean for extraordinary stimulus packages and when they may be withdrawn? When and how will the government begin to recoup some of the emergency funding it has provided?

Join us for a webinar at 10am on Friday 5 March in which our experts will be addressing these questions and looking at the announcements made in the budget against the backdrop of the wider economy.

Speakers will include our Chief Economist, George Lagarias, and Partner and Head of Tax, Catherine Hall.

Visit our dedicated Budget 2021 page to read our experts’ predictions on what the Chancellor may announce.

Webinar details

  • Date: 5 March, 2021
  • Time: 10am GMT

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