Spotlight on social housing

Join us for a series of webinars from the 14th to 25th June, where we'll be putting the spotlight on the social housing sector.

We are excited to be hosting a webinar series from the 14th to 25th June for board members, executives and finance teams working across the social housing sector. We’ll be hearing from a range of speakers both from within the Mazars team and from those working within the sector, covering a variety of topics from the delivery of ESG targets to cyber security, and including a view from the Regulators of both England and Wales.

We’d be delighted if you would join us for all of the sessions, but please register for as many as take your interest below.

Note that all sessions will start at 10am and run for a maximum of one hour.




Tuesday 15 June

Regulator Outlook: England

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Wednesday 16 June

Spotlight on: Pensions

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Thursday 17 June

Spotlight on: Cyber security

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Friday 18 June 

Spotlight on: Legal update

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Tuesday 22 June 

Regulator Outlook: Wales 

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Wednesday 23 June 

Spotlight on: Tax 

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Thursday 24 June 

Spotlight on: ESG 

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Friday 25 June 

Spotlight on: Covid-19, Business Improvement and Analytics 

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