Let's Talk: Podcasts about doing business in the time of Covid-19

Let’s Talk is a podcast series about doing business in the time of Covid-19: each episode features a different Mazars expert talking about how they have helped clients navigate the business impact of coronavirus and prepare for what comes next.

From billion-dollar stimulus packages to reshaping business models, staying in touch with teams and preparing for the post-pandemic economy, Let’s Talk dives into the business critical issues shaping the way the world works.

Listen to our monthly talks on:

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Episode 02:

Stricter tax audits are coming

(ft. Birgit Jürgensmann)

Episode 03:

Business owners, entrepreneurs always find an opportunity in difficult situations

(ft. Gareth Jones)

Episode 04:

Be practical, be dynamic and constantly review business plans

(ft. Jamie Towers)

Episode 05:

Understanding new tax measures and reacting to our changing world

(ft. Frédéric Barat)