Infrastructure model build

With a team of over 25 dedicated financial modelling professionals we are a recognised as a centre of excellence for financial model build. The strength and success of our team has been built on our capability, our capacity and the ability to integrate the expertise of our wider team.

We understand that a financial model sits at the centre of, and plays a critical role in, each project finance transaction. In recognition of this, Mazars has developed a centre of modelling excellence to deliver quality models that our clients can understand, and rely on.

Our team of financial modellers are trained to the FAST standard, an independent, externally recognised modelling standard. The benefit of this standardisation approach is to radically improve the robustness and accuracy of models that are created. We are “raising the bar” in terms of the industry standard for modelling and we are keen promoters of standardisation and improvement of financial modelling across the finance industry.

Integrated expertise and commercial understanding

Our experience of building – and reviewing – financial models for large transactions is that for them to be successful, teams must combine expert modelling capabilities with the commercial knowledge of the transaction team, as well as input from local teams providing accounting, taxation and other services.

We therefore assign each project a dedicated modelling manager to bring these elements together, and with a shared ‘modelling language’ of FAST, all team members, and our clients, can be ‘owners’ of the financial modelling process.

Our model build process involves repeated stages of specification, design, coding and review to ensure that our models meet the needs of the client, and the project stakeholders.