Urmimala Sen Associate Director - Transfer Pricing

Urmi is a Transfer Pricing Associate Director based in London. She joined the firm in February 2024. Urmi received her PhD in behavioural and experimental Economics from Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA.


Prior to joining the firm, Urmi worked with multiple Big 4 accounting firms in New York, Singapore and London for almost 10 years. She has been involved in managing complex projects involving the entire transfer pricing life cycle across industries, from design and planning, execution and implementation, and finally, documentation. Urmi has also been responsible for managing bilateral Advanced Pricing Agreement (APA) engagements for multinational companies.

Urmi takes a particular interest in the ongoing BEPS 2.0 developments and has published on such developments. Urmi was part of a team at her prior firm that provided technical guidance to a G20 country’s tax administration with regard to the potential effects of OECD’s BEPS 2.0 Pillar One (Amounts A and B) on the country’s existing tax structure.

Work highlights

  • Undertaking diverse transfer projects across multiple counties.
  • Regularly provided technical training on BEPS 2.0 developments across multiple levels in her previous roles.

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