Salman Anwar Senior Manager - Tax Investigations

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Salman Joined Mazars in June 2018 from HMRC’s Fraud Investigations Service and is based in our Birmingham office.

Salman has extensive experience, both as an Inspector and an adviser, working complex enquiries under COP8 and COP9 as well as dealing with complex offshore disclosures under various Disclosure Facilities including the current iteration known as the Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF). Salman has also assisted many mid-sized corporates under Cross Taxes enquiries from HMRC’s Wealthy and Mid-sized Business Unit and the “Complex Evasion” teams. He also has experience of the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) appeals and has successfully represented clients at the FTT.

Although his particular background is in offshore personal tax issues he has equally advised clients in relation to enquiries across the spectrum of direct and indirect taxes, including appeals in relation to withdrawal of CIS gross payment status. 

Salman is commended by clients on a regular basis for his personable approach and ability to break down complex concepts and issues and make them simpler to understand.

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