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Sajid Ghufoor Senior Manager - Tax Investigations

Sajid joined the Tax Investigations & Employer Solutions team in April 2016, based in our London office.

Previously he has worked at HMRC, in a career spanning 27 years as a senior tax inspector, the last 9 years of which were spent within the Fraud Investigation Service. Sajid conducted a broad range of in depth and intrusive investigations with substantial amounts of tax at risk including; Large and complex enquiries conducted under Code of Practice 8 and 9, Marketed Avoidance work, and International issues such as Residence and transfer of assets. Sajid was also involved in handling disclosures under the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF).

In addition to having extensive insight into how HMRC conducts its investigations, Sajid understands the risk analysis process, the gathering and interrogation of information which HMRC utilizes when considering if a client should be the subject of an investigation.

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