Mazars featured in Board Agenda - Autumn 2017

Mazars is proud to support Board Agenda, a new multimedia publication created to inspire exemplary board performance through insight, research and information on corporate governance, strategy, risk and ethics.

The mission and topics addressed within Board Agenda fit under Mazars’ 'Business. For Good' program and the publication features articles from Mazars’ thought leaders both in print and online.

Autumn 2017 Edition

Crisis management

Crisis management is an increasingly pressing issue for company boards. Dealing with threats quickly as they happen and having a well-constructed strategy in place ahead of time are fundamental. If a crisis is handled badly, it can swiftly leave a company’s hard-earned reputation in tatters. Crisis management is about protecting the value you’ve created in the business. Read the article on the Board Agenda website or download it below.

Intangibles: uncovering hidden value

80% or more of an average company’s value could lie in its intangible assets. Understanding the hidden value of a business is the key to communicating its importance to stakeholders. Accounting for intangibles raises some fundamental questions on the future of corporate including whether we need to lessen the distinction between the financial statements and narrative reporting. Read the article on the Board Agenda website or download it below.

China strengthens European ties

Over the past decade of China’s overseas exploration for investment opportunities in the US and Europe, the country’s investors have acquired masses of critical market knowledge and Western business acumen. With the Chinese government’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative – at $900bn possibly the largest overseas investment project ever undertaken by a single country – Chinese appetite for European investment has become ever more sophisticated, but it still pays for both parties to be aware of cultural and operational differences that may arise. Read the article on the Board Agenda website or download it below.

Corporate Culture Survey 2017

Setting the right corporate tone from the top is seen as by far and away the most effective way to influence the culture in today’s businesses. Lead by example, and others will follow that lead. But research among European company board directors reveals that this belief is not being reinforced by action on how their businesses behaves. Read the full report

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