Optimize Seminar Series: Improving performance and growing shareholder value

13 - 14 March 2019

Day to day operations can be demanding on you as a business leader, regardless of your size or industry.

In fact, in many cases, it is the daily operations that are dominating the business’ management agenda, leading to the neglect of strategic focus and other drivers of shareholder value.

As part of the Optimize programme, our unique approach to mid-market entrepreneurial businesses, we want to help you overcome these daily challenges and realign your business behind your strategic goal.

To discuss this further we are delighted to invite you and your management team to our Improving performance and growing shareholder Value seminar as part of our latest series of Optimize Roadshow Events.

During this 1 hour and 30-minute seminar, we will focus on:

  • How your business can strike the right balance between proactively driving today’s performance while simultaneously growing shareholder value
  • Identifying clear areas of focus that can help your business carve out a competitive advantage

To register for one of our Optimize Seminars, please RSVP by completing the short registration form here and selecting your preferred location.



Wednesday 13th March



08:00am, event begins at 08:30am




Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square
38 Charlotte Square

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For further information on this event please email optimize@mazars.co.uk

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