Supporting other professionals

Mazars National Tax Investigations Group are specialists in handling all matters connected to HM Revenue & Customs enquiries, whether it is technical aspect enquiries, full investigations, VAT issues, HMRC’s use of its information powers, allegations of fraud or dishonesty under Code of Practice 9, Code of Practice 8 investigations into bespoke tax avoidance or litigation. We also have particular experience of handling investigations where HM Revenue & Customs perceives there is a risk of serial tax avoidance, for example into film schemes and personal residence planning.

As well as servicing our internal clients we also provide support to smaller accountancy and firms, and also Independent Financial Advisors who, we appreciate, in the current economic environment may not be able to provide the breadth of service that we can. Our philosophy fits with the wider Mazars’ approach to supporting smaller firms, which is that we will support you so that you continue to lead the relationship with your client during any project that we assist on. We are also flexible in our competitive fee charging arrangements.

For a free of charge no obligation discussion please contact us, either by:

Sending a message via our Tax investigations national contacts

or phone on 020 7063 4639, 0161 238 9235 or 0121 232 9519