Thinking of retiring?

If you are aged over 55 and thinking of retiring, MFP can help.

Mazars Financial Planning has developed a dedicated "At Retirement" service which provides a full range of retirement services designed to give you all the information you need at this important time, in an easy step by step process.

The actions you take on converting pension funds into income are vital.

It is important that you take the time to understand the options available and remember you don’t have to accept the income your pension provider offers. You are free to "shop around" for the best deal and options.

You should be aware that the decisions you make at this stage could influence your income for the rest of your life. With people expected to live longer than ever , you will hopefully need a retirement income to last you for many years. Making poor decisions could therefore, have far reaching and long term impacts on you and your family.

We can help talk you through the various retirement income options to ensure you get the most suitable advice and the best solution.

To find out more please read our factsheet on the right or contact Mark Brownridge.

We have also produced a free 'Guide to Retirement Income' which explains, simply and clearly, what your options are at retirement. Furthermore, we are holding focused 'Planning for Retirement' workshops which have been designed in line with the major changes to pension rules that came into effect on 6 April 2015. More information on these events can be found here .