Sustainability Diagnostic and Health Check

For us to provide the best service to you, we need to understand objectively where you are in your sustainability journey and what your ambition is going forward. We have two options to facilitate this.

ESG health checks

Our web-based diagnostic tool will help determine your organisation’s current Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) position and capture your future ambition. The process should not take more than 60 minutes of your time and you will be presented with a summary report based upon the UN Global Compact Ten Principles, the IFC Performance Standards and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

An action plan will be included that will identify your areas of focus and will give you a guide as to your sustainability priorities.

Optimize business diagnostic

Optimize is more in depth than our health check and a unique value enhancer that will help you to identify today’s actions to entrench sustainability and maximise shareholder value. The process includes a frank discussion with your leadership team on the following topics:

-        Shareholder Investment Strategy

-        Mindset of Management and Sustainability

-        Market, Products and Customers

-        Business Operations

-        Management and Organisation

-        Finance and Risk

-        Digital Readiness

A detailed report is provided along with an action plan and next steps.

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