Mazars Sustainability ESG Health Check

Doing business in a sustainable way is now a pre-requisite to success. Find out more about our Sustainability ESG Health Check to start your ESG journey so that we can build better business together, sustainably.

The effective management of sustainability issues such as environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) aspects of business can increasingly be linked to financial improvement.

To manage risks and optimise opportunities, investors, bankers, customers and suppliers are increasingly making their decisions based on how you approach the ESG aspects of your business.

Mazars Sustainability ESG Health Check

The good news is that incorporating ESG into your business does not need to be an expensive or time-consuming task. We can show you how to future-proof your business whilst also being a responsible member of corporate society. Acting sustainably should not be seen as a cost but as an investment, and that return on investment needs to be monitored.

We have developed a unique online Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) health check to start businesses on their ESG journey. This offering will help you to understand the importance of ESG engagement and measurement and how it can lead to value creation and behavioural change.

The 20-minute tool has been designed to start businesses on their ESG journey and provide a foundation for businesses to then move from simple ESG awareness to engagement, measurement, behavioural change and finally to becoming an ESG innovator.

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The Health Check includes an assessment of your current ESG status backed with an action plan to best address your next steps. You will be introduced to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) 10 principles, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We will then show you which SDG goals are most appropriate for your business.

Once you have completed the health check, we will provide you with a report which will then form the basis for a consultation.

The Mazars ESG Health Check is available now and the Mazars Sustainability Services Team is ready to take you on this journey. Let’s build better business together, sustainably.

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You can read a detailed interview with William Hughes on Why ESG Matters here, or if you would like a member of our team to speak with you, please click the button below:

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