Supply chain sustainability services

Supply chain sustainability is increasingly recognised as a key generator of business value and an important element of strong corporate responsibility performance.​

Knowing and managing the economic, social, and environmental risks of your supply chain is an essential measure of your organisation’s performance. ​

Why supply chain risk is important ​

Organisations are exposed to a multitude of risks from their supply chains including breaches to intellectual property rights and company assets, compromising human rights or labour rights, risks to occupational health and safety, and causing environmental damage. ​

These can cause substantial reputation or business risks to any organisation. ​

Our evaluation and support approach is pragmatic and collaborative leading to mutual benefits for your company and your suppliers. ​

How we can help ​

In order to effectively manage risks in the supply chain, our team can help you design a comprehensive approach to sustainable supply chain management including:​

  • Designing policies to uphold global standards and meet compliance requirements.
  • Implementation of policy through management system approaches including supplier contracting, responsible purchasing, onboarding & exit and supplier self-assessment.
  • Training on policy implementation and management system requirements.
  • Supplier risk assessment against policy and compliance requirements.
  • Supplier engagement through technology, enabling submission of data to support your organisation’s sustainability targets.
  • Worker surveys to support the identification of impacts and the design of related due diligence approaches.
  • Topic specific approaches including living wage, modern slavery and freedom of association.

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