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Employer Tax calendar 2018-2019

With many recent changes to employment tax compliance it can be hard to stay on top of requirements. Please download our Employers’ Tax Calendar to help.
For more detailed advice and support contact one of our experts.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Tackling the gender pay gap is a key part of the Government’s commitment tointroduce reporting to generate greater pay transparency by larger employers. Find out how Mazars can help your business with the reporting requirements.

Mazars’ 2017/18 employers’ tax calendar

To ensure you stay up to date with key employment tax deadlines, download Mazars’ 2017/18 employers’ tax calendar. Our team can advise on the best way to meet your NIC, PAYE and EMI compliance obligations.

Year end tax planning tips 2017

As we are living in financially and politically turbulent times it makes more sense than ever to ensure that all legitimate and, often simple, tax planning opportunities are brought to your attention to help you minimise your tax bill.

Improving Tax Transparency for Large Businesses

The 2016 Finance Bill is introducing a requirement for large businesses to publish a tax strategy on the internet an annual basis, covering its approach to UK tax matters. The rules will apply to businesses with a turnover of £200 million or a balance sheet of £2 billion at the end of the preceding financial year. Even where the business is not headed by a UK company, there may still be an obligation to publish a strategy document. HMRC believes that by focusing on tax transparency, it can improve levels of compliance.