Radar Services

Radar is a predictive, data analytics and research tool that we've developed in-house alongside a leading Credit Bureau. It incorporates 50,000 GDPR compliant data sets and reacts to 5m daily updates.

Radar Tool

Radar is used to identify businesses showing early signs of distress and utilising the complete services offered by the international Mazars network, we have been able to help rescue the business or where necessary, provide pragmatic restructuring and insolvency advice.

Over a 12 month period, Radar was able to predict more than 90% of all insolvencies after a business had suffered a significant deterioration in its failure score.

Radar services table graphic

Success in practice

  • Radar enabled an asset-based lender to focus limited resources across its portfolio of 52,000 clients.
  • Radar was able to clearly pinpoint the moment a company initiated invoice fraud against its tender.
  • Radar enabled a local authority to recover a business rate debt of £120k within seven days of a detailed report being issued.

Since January 2020, we have used Radar to assist:

  • 2High street banks
  • 8Asset based lenders
  • 5Local authorities