AMA - Accelerated Mergers and Acquisitions

AMA or accelerated mergers and acquisitions involve quick transactions rather than traditional Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) or more strategic restructuring services.

Accelerated transactions are usually event-driven, often with a specific deadline which shortens the time available for marketing and due diligence compared to traditional transactions.

These types of transactions present unique challenges and opportunities, which we consider demand a tailormade approach.

As an international multi-discipline accountancy practice with a wealth of sector experience, Mazars is best placed to maximise value for stakeholders in an accelerated sale scenario.

Accelerated Mergers & Acquisitions (AMA) process

An Accelerated M&A (AMA) process may be required in a number of scenarios, including:

  • Sector-specific challenges;
  • Underperforming divisions;
  • Cash flow challenges, potentially as a result of trading losses, over-trading, or inadequate funding;
  • Changes in the regulatory landscape;
  • Shareholder disputes or aging senior leadership team;
  • A need for a recapitalisation of the balance sheet; and
  • Lender / investor-led actions.

The key to achieving the best value in all scenarios is building relationships and bringing a commercial approach.

We will quickly identify the factors driving the need for a sale and assess the time available.

Achieving buy-in to the process from all stakeholders with open and honest communication is critical to achieving the best value, including with:

  • Lenders – whose support will likely be required in order to maximise the time available for marketing and due diligence; and
  • Management – whose buy-in will be required in order to support meaningful dialogue with interested parties.

We are sensitive in our approach, recognising that different stakeholders may have competing interests. How the opportunity is presented and the individuals leading the launch to market will always be matched to the specific circumstances of each engagement, maximising value by avoiding any undue perception of distress.

Time is of the essence, our dedicated cross-functional team including M&A, restructuring advisory, debt advisory, valuations, and restructuring tax professionals will ensure that management information is rapidly assessed and presented to ensure the best use of the time available. Our proven track record of successful accelerated sales combined with our UK and international network of specialist investors ensures that we are best placed to maximise value and outcomes.   

Our approach

Our approach to managing special situation AMAs

Our team

Our accelerated M&A (AMA) process involves a small core team who collectively would be your project team.

As well as leading the delivery of a project, the core team will also act as connectors to the internal pool of Mazars' experts across different geographies, disciplines, and sectors to ensure that the project has the attention of our best people wherever they may be across the UK and the world.

Being a fully integrated international partnership, Mazars is structured in a way to leverage the appropriate skills to a specific engagement wherever those skills may be.

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