Restructuring Advisory

Our Restructuring Advisory Services are designed to help you rapidly evaluate the underlying position of your business, customer or investment and assess the extent of any immediate challenges faced.

We then clearly present and recommend the best options for the business and its key stakeholders. Our experienced team's tried and trusted commercial, hands on and pragmatic approach is supported by extensive client credentials and is utilised across many sectors in the UK and internationally.

Our approach

There are many reasons why a business may be experiencing some form of financial distress or underperformance.  Short term examples could include the loss of a key customer or contract, the consequences of an unexpected one-off event, supply chain issues, a problematic acquisition, fraud, a bad debt, weak working capital management or an inefficient debt structure that results in high-interest costs or an unaffordable capital repayment profile.   Longer-term drivers, such as shift in a core market or the underperformance of division, product line or service,  may also culminate in the need for urgent change by way of a proactive restructuring strategy and turnaround plan.

Our advisory specialists can help you identify, understand, quantify and then address the following key issues:

  • Reviewing and forecasting short term cash flows;
  • Hands-on assistance to manage and improve working capital;
  • Supporting direct engagement with secured and unsecured creditors;
  • Evaluating new funding and refinancing considerations;
  • Shaping business improvement solutions;
  • Creating clear action plans to resolve the key underlying business-critical issues.

Our early involvement not only provides each stakeholder with more time to understand the key issues, but maximises the options available and helps preserve value for all parties.

We have the skills and experience to make the advisory process engaging, effective and value-added, with the primary objective being to place the business back on a path to recovery and secure its longer-term future. 

How we can help 

Our clients include management teams, boards, banks, independent funders, investors, creditors and other key stakeholders such as landlords and pension schemes.  The services we can provide include:

  • Short term cashflow and funding reviews
  • Independent Business Reviews (IBRs)
  • Options Reviews
  • Pre-lending Reviews
  • Solvency Reviews
  • Contingency Planning
  • Risk management and monitoring
  • Credit Score Improvement
  • Sourcing specialist interim Turnaround Practitioners and Finance Directors from our trusted panel
  • Employer Covenant Advisory Services

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