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As one of the UK’s largest Client Services Team dedicated to supporting creditors, we work with a variety of stakeholders including high street banks, debt purchasers, and local government.

We provide outsourced insolvency services for all UK insolvency types, where we recover significant market-leading amounts each year for our clients.

Our approach

We have developed a suite of services aimed specifically at any lender, individual or business that may have customers that are showing signs of financial distress. 

Our services provide a holistic approach within a sophisticated and compliant environment for the client.  We adhere to TCF and Breathing Space requirements whilst ensuring the correct customer journey for our stakeholders.  We hold fully accredited security levels for maintaining personal and corporate data securely in an environment that provides a full audit trail for our clients. We continue to receive complimentary feedback and clear audit results from our clients which include 2 high street banks and the UK’s largest debt purchaser highlighting our commitment to quality.

As a client, you will have access to our team of negotiators, who have more than 100 years of experience in client and creditor services.  The team will utilise our leading-edge technology platform and national network of relationships with Official Receiver Offices, The Accountant in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Practitioners to assist you. 

Working closely with our National Bankruptcy Centre and Advisory teams, we have access to a wealth of knowledge and data that allows us to create a bespoke solution to maximise the value in your distressed / insolvency portfolio.

We are at the forefront of a constantly changing recovery field, one in which we excel. With our innovative Radar tool and clients across a diverse range of industries, we are well placed to identify new trends in the marketplace and will work with you to ensure best practice is achieved for you and your business.

We can help with:

  • Radar – our proprietary data analysis tool that we've developed alongside a leading credit bureau specifically to identify companies showing early signs of distress and potential failure
  • Creditor services – are you a creditor in an insolvency? We can help you navigate the process including lodging your claim, advising on your rights as a creditor, and assisting with the decision-making process (formerly creditors meetings)
  • Outsourced services – for insolvency portfolios we provide a complete end to end service, providing cost reductions and expert insolvency advice and training
  • Local Authority initiative – assisting local councils to assess when bankruptcy is an appropriate method of collection, identifying insolvencies in the council area, providing business advisory support to companies struggling to pay council taxes/debts
  • Debt sales assistance – providing a complete data set for existing insolvencies in a portfolio, and their likely value
  • Dividend collection and management – for insolvency portfolios we provide a full dividend management service to ensure no dividend is missed, historic or current
  • Personal guarantee liabilities and recovery – we are able to assist in the valuation of your PG accounts and help you decide the optimal recovery strategy
  • Accountant support – we work in partnership with local accountants. We assist you in providing your clients with a full suite of international financial services
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