Food and drink industry - case study

Categorised Landlord based Company Voluntary Arrangement for high street café and fast food outlet chain
  • Sector – Food and Drink
  • Debt - £5m
  • Turnover - £5m
  • Number of employees – 70 


High street café chain and fast food outlet with strong regional brand and customer loyalty. Impacted by Covid-19 and the cashflow drain of 4 non-performing stores following national rollout and expansion. 


We were appointed to advise the Group on the options available and worked closely with management to prepare a CVA that dealt with:

  • Categorisation of Landlord creditors;
  • Closure and exit of 4 “out of region” and unviable stores;
  • Rent reductions and a medium term exit for one break-even store;
  • Monthly rentals over 2 years for remaining portfolio;
  • All other creditors paid at 100p in the £. 


Strong creditor engagement and communication with Landlords. CVA successfully approved with 100% creditor support and lending facilities restructured.

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