Independent Business Review

An Independent Business Review (IBR) can be an important turning point for a business facing financial problems.

Independent Business Reviews

Often triggered by a concerned bank, creditor, or other stakeholders, an IBR seeks to provide a rapid and candid picture of a Company’s historic, current, and forecast financial performance.  Importantly, it seeks to identify and quantify the key issues at hand and will offer solutions and strategies to help overcome the difficulties being faced.

Our approach  

Our multi-disciplinary team of Advisory experts can help by providing clear and concise insights on the performance of the business and offer appropriate action-led recommendations.      

We work closely with management and other key stakeholders to quickly understand the business and then agree on a focussed scope of work that seeks to address the key issues and areas of concern.   

During our work, we assess timeframes available, evaluate the underlying position of the business and identify any immediate hurdles, before clearly setting out the available options and proactive measures that will help navigate any current crisis and secure its long-term future.  An IBR can often be a starting point for amicable, constructive negotiations between the business and its creditors or other stakeholders.  

The extent and scope of work we undertake will vary for every business, client, and situation, but typically may include:

  • Reasons for the review: Key objectives of the project and issues to be addressed.
  • Overview: Summary of the business, primary commercial drivers, key markets, management team, organisational structure and operating footprint. 
  • Context: Brief review of key events, together with commentary and analysis of historic and recent financial performance.
  • Financial health: Overview of the current financial position, including an assessment of the strength of the balance sheet and respective positions of key financial stakeholders.
  • Future performance, funding needs, and key risks: Critical review of forecast performance and projected funding requirements, together with any potential risks and key sensitives.
  • The way forward: Clear and concise written reports, with action-led recommendations and options for all stakeholders to consider.

Our services 

Our clients include management teams, boards, banks, independent funders, investors, creditors and other key stakeholders such as landlords and pension schemes. 

  • Short term cash flow and funding reviews, with ongoing cashflow monitoring/reporting.
  • Restricted scope and fixed priced Independent Business Review solutions for SMEs and lower Mid-Market corporates.
  • Full scope Independent Business Reviews.
  • IBR process management and support for management teams in need of assistance during an IBR process.
  • In-depth reviews into specific issues such as tax, debtors, supply chain risk, debt funding/structuring or one-off business events.
  • Reshape programme: industry benchmarking, management interviews and strategy planning workshops.
  • Follow-on work, such as stakeholder management, negotiations with lenders/stakeholders and refinancing support.
  • Contingency and exit planning, estimated outcome analysis preparation and restructuring and insolvency support to remedy or implement the IBR’s findings.

Our people 

In the UK we have over 100 restructuring professionals operating from 16 offices.  Globally we operate across all five continents, with vast experience of national and international engagements. This means that we can support Company’s and their financial stakeholders during times of challenge and distress wherever the business may be based.

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