Financial Model Building

If you are considering a new project, a robust and reliable financial model is required to make key decisions.

The Mazars financial modelling team builds financial models that can be used by our clients to support business critical decisions.  In all our work, we adhere to best practice standards which ensure our models are relevant, reliable, robust and readily understood.  We believe financial modelling is fundamentally simple, provided it is approached in a structured and disciplined manner. It need be neither mathematically complex, nor involve computer programming as such. We focus on a transparent model structure and clear, crisp modelling style.

Our services are typically used for:

  • PPP / PFI  transactions on behalf of private sector bidders and public sector procurers
  • Business case / plan development
  • Investment appraisal for large capital investment projects
  • Corporate reporting
  • Working capital analysis

Mazars’ service is:


  • the modelling process confirms or corrects users expectations; and
  • the model is produced in time to inform the decision-making process.


  • avoids complex coding;
  • is modular and easily expandable;
  • visible checks; and
  • there is a separation of assumptions.


  • our models are verifiable and easily audited;
  • there are clear links between input and output; and
  • full documentation of the inputs and model are provided.

Readily understood

  • our models can be read like a book – left to right, top to bottom; and
  • focus on the clearest presentation of both output and workings sheets.

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