The Mazars AIM IPO Experience

The rewards of floating a business can be great, but only if you get it right will your business really take off.

Deciding whether or not to float your business is a tough call. It’s not a simple matter of choosing the right market. It’s a matter of making sure an IPO is the best way to achieve your long-term strategic objectives. It’s a matter of making sure you’re prepared, that you have the right structures, processes and people in place. And, it’s a matter of making sure your business will continue to thrive in the public spotlight after admission.

The Mazars AIM IPO Experience can help you determine if an IPO is the right route for your business. It’s an interactive and hands-on workshop that emulates the flotation process. It allows businesses to experience the potential pressures, opportunities, risks and rewards of a float. And all before you take the plunge.

To organise a Mazars AIM IPO Experience for your company, please get in touch with our IPO Support team.

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