Vendor Assistance and Vendor Due Diligence

We also have substantial experience providing vendor support and diligence. We understand the importance of identifying and managing risks early in the sales process to ensure you get the best possible sales price.

Vendor Assistance

Invariably the sale of a company, or part of the business, is highly demanding on the company’s resources. This is especially true of key management and finance personnel who must respond to numerous financial, commercial, legal and HR information requests whilst continuing to manage the day-to-day activities of the business.

Our team can work alongside management and the finance team to assist in the preparation of key financial analyses, the early identification of risks and potential areas of focus to a buyer and dataroom management. Our aim is to ensure that there are no surprises once the information memorandum has been issued to potential purchasers.

Our team can add real value to you at each stage of the process by offering the benefit of our buy-side financial due diligence experience to anticipate and proactively address issues, and improve the price you achieve. We help to ensure that the financial information you present to third parties is accurate, credible, and will stand up to scrutiny during financial due diligence.

The vendor assistance we provide is wholly for your benefit as the seller. We will provide you with the benefit of our experience on buy-side transactions to identify potential areas of focus to a buyer, as well as providing insightful analysis and commentary of business performance.

Vendor Due Diligence

If you are selling your company, or part of the business, and a number of potential purchasers have been identified, a sales process which allows you to control the flow of information and the timing of the sale can be key to achieving the best price.

Vendor due diligence reports are typically prepared to support a controlled sales process where a number of potential purchasers have been identified. A full-scope diligence is performed before any detailed information is provided to external parties, allowing you to identify and address potential risks before they become ‘deal breakers’.

Our report will be provided to potential purchasers and we will discuss our findings with them, giving the buyer the opportunity to ask us any questions about the business. This process is key to demonstrating the independence of our work and the credibility of our findings. Ultimately, we would owe a duty of care to the purchaser for our diligence.

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