Compliance Reviews, Maturity Assessments and Audits

For companies who want a check the status of their compliance against global legislation, standards or frameworks. To identify gaps and develop a pragmatic approach to remediation.


Data privacy compliance assessment

A high-level privacy assessment to understand your compliance status against applicable privacy laws. We provide a report with a RAG score against our framework and suggestions for improvements to meet compliance.

Data privacy adequacy assessment

An assessment of the controls in place to meet compliance. We delve into the effectiveness of your privacy compliance programme. 

Global privacy assessment

For organisations operating across multiple jurisdictions and require compliance with several privacy laws. We draw on our local experts to understand where you are and  support you in your move towards compliance

GDPR and privacy audits

An audit that provides assurance on your compliance with the GDPR.

Privacy maturity assessment

The maturity assessment focuses on the maturity of the governance arrangements in place to address and maintain privacy compliance measured against the AICPA Privacy Maturity Model.

PECR and e-privacy review

An assessment of your compliance with the requirements of the PECR and e-privacy directive. Suggestions include guidance on the use of cookies, marketing, and e-communications.

Third-party and vendor audit

An audit of your third party and vendor management practices, reviewing your on-boarding and due diligence processes. Our audit also delves into contract terms and general management of processors.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) review

A review that delves into your business use, deployment, and management of AI. A deeper review of the core components of AI and whether they meet data protection requirements.


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